Bursa Malaysia Initiatives: Intraday Short Selling (IDSS)

Effective date: 30 April 2018


Following the announcement made earlier this year by YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia, Bursa has officially confirmed the implementation of Intraday Short Selling (IDSS). Starting from 16 April 2018, investors will be able to engage in day trading of selling first and buying back later the same securities within the same day before the close of market. A total of 280 securities will be open to IDSS - for details on the approved securities, kindly refer to the listing* attached.

*Note: This list will be updated by Bursa twice a year, in May and November.


Please be informed that to be eligible for IDSS, investors are required to comply with the prescribed terms and conditions and requirements* set out by Participating Organisations (“POs”).

 *All customers or new investors will be required to complete the following documentations prior to participating in IDSS:-

1.    Signed IDSS Risk Disclosure Form

2.    Signed a Stock Borrowing and Lending Agreement with Maybank Investment Bank Berhad

3.    Completed Client Declaration Form

4. Memorandum of Charge


For further information on IDSS, please refer to http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/regulation/rules/bursa-malaysia-rules/faqs/

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