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Personal information collected from you

Malayan Banking Berhad, its subsidiaries and affiliates ("Maybank Group" or "we" or "us" or "our") may collect personal information arising out of your use of this website. The use of information so collected is governed by this privacy policy and, where applicable, any agreement you may have with any member of the Maybank Group. Any personal information supplied by you through this site will be kept strictly confidential, save as expressly provided herein, and will be used to provide you with the service you applied for. If you visit our site to browse, read or download information, our system will log these movements. These web site logs are not personally identifiable, and we make no attempt to link them with the individuals who browse the site.

How your information is used

The Maybank Group owns the information collected on this site. By accessing this site, you are deemed to consent to our use of information collected from you for our own marketing purposes, planning, product development and research purposes.

We may provide such information to third party service providers for the purposes of marketing, planning, product development and research for the Maybank Group. Save as herein provided, we will not disclose this information to any third party unless disclosure is required by law, order of any court of competent jurisdiction, any rule, directive or regulation of any governmental or regulatory authorities.

If you provide information in this website, you are deemed to consent to be added to the Maybank Group's mailing list. Once on the mailing list, you may receive (by regular mail or email) information about Maybank Group's products, events and services which may interest you. By choosing to be added to the Maybank Group's mailing list, you are deemed to consent to receiving joint offers which feature products/services from the Maybank Group and other reputable organisations and companies. Your information is not shared with these other companies.


The information provided on this website is provided without any expressed or implied warranty as to its accuracy, adequacy, reliability, timeliness or completeness. Information including pricing and valuations are published for information purposes only. It is not possible for any member of the Maybank Group to have regard to your particular financial circumstances and as such you should not rely on any information or opinion contained in this website without prior consultation with a duly authorised representative of the Maybank Group

The Base Prospectuses, Supplementary Base Prospectuses, Term Sheets and other documents related to structured warrants contained in the website are made available solely for informational and/or archiving purposes.

The product and services mentioned in this website may not be suitable for all investors, and persons receiving or reading the information set out in this website should seek advice from a financial adviser regarding the suitability of such products and services, taking into account their specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs, before making a commitment to purchase or subscribe to any of such products or services.

Neither the Maybank Group nor any of its directors, employees or representatives assumes liability whatsoever (including liability to any person by reason of negligence or negligence misstatement) from any information, statement or opinion arising out of, contained in or derived from this website.

All information in this website belongs to the Maybank Group. You agree and undertake not to copy, distribute, reproduce or otherwise disseminate in whole or in part any of the information in this website unless with the prior written consent of the Maybank Group.