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EzyInvest is a simple long-term investment plan ideal for retirement planning and saving for your children’s future needs. From an affordable and regular investment amount to the flexibility of managing your stocks, EzyInvest offers you a unique wealth-creation opportunity.

The EzyInvest Advantage:

·      It’s easy; whether for new investors or industry veterans

·      A better way to save your earnings in a disciplined manner with minimal monitoring

·      Ideal for retirement planning and saving for your children’s future needs

·      Low fees, no annual management fee, upfront subscription fees or switching fees

·      Control over quantity of purchase; whether on a monthly / quarterly basis to suit your investment needs

·      Flexibility in choosing, selling, changing and adding stocks

·      A selection of fundamentally strong stocks (including Shariah-compliant stocks) with good track record of capital appreciation and dividend yield

EzyInvest Stocks

EzyInvest stocks are back tested based on 4 and 8 year historical performance with a diverse sector coverage.


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