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To increase your investment potential to trade in Bursa Malaysia quoted shares, Maybankinvest provides you with the following funding options:

Credit funds in margin account (for individual accounts) will earn interest of prevailing multi-tier Premier 1 rate.

Margin financing facility (using borrowings from the bank)*
Types of Collateral** Margin Facility Trading facility Total available facility
Fixed Deposit 2.5 times 1.0 times 3.5 times
Shares / Cash 1.5 times 1.0 times 2.5 times

Required documents
  • Application form
  • Two photocopies of NRIC
  • A copy of the latest annual income statement or 3 months' salary slip
  • Three months' bank statements

How to apply

Kindly contact the nearest Equities Investment Centre, or call Maybank Investment Bank Helpdesk at 1300 22 3888 or Ipoh at (+605) 245 3400.

Terms & Conditions apply

Important Note: The precise terms and conditions of these financing packages will differ from counter to counter.

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